Get to know the Peruaçu Fund

Situated in a transition area between the Cerrado and the Caatinga, the Cavernas do Peruaçu National Park has a lush beauty with colossal caves, ruined walls, collapsed dolinas, natural bridges, springs and the uniqueness of hundreds of cave paintings more than 12 thousand years old, which together with a rich flora and fauna transform the region into a natural paradise.

In order to keep all this beauty and rarity intact, Instituto Ekos Brasil, in partnership with ICMBio, work in Mutual Cooperation for Park Management.

The Peruaçu Fund was created in this context, seeking to raise financial contributions from donations from private and public entities in order to ensure a continuous, transparent and efficient management of the Park.

The funds raised with the Peruaçu Fund will be invested in special projects in the Park and its buffer zone, aiming the following:

  • Promotion and dissemination of the Park’s historical, cultural and environmental heritage;
  • Strengthening of the Park’s relationship with the local community and strengthening sustainable development in the region;
  • Support for park monitoring and protection activities;
  • Support for the recovery of the Peruaçu River basin.

The fund is guided by the principles of transparent, agile and participatory governance and high effectiveness and credibility in the application of resources, which can be directed to various initiatives aligned with the mission and principles of your company.

Participants of the Peruaçu Fund may allocate any monetary amounts per year and benefits will be offered, such as:

Exposure of the brand on the EKOS website, Facebook page and in informational material about the Park

Exhibition of the company logo in signage at the entrance of the Park

Active participation in defining activities and allocating resources to projects for the park

To know more about the Peruaçu Fund, download the Peruaçu Caves National Park folder (in Portuguese) or contact us:


100% of the money donated is directed towards projects benefiting the park and its surroundings, contributing to the preservation of this important national heritage.

Every donation is important.

Bank details for donations are as follows:
Bank: Itaú (341)
Branch Number: 0641
Account Number: 13859-9
IBAN Code: BR24 6070 1190 0064 1000 0138 599C 1

Peruaçu Fund Supporters